Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog. Here I will be sharing tips and ideas for a healthy lifestyle. As I am into healthy lifestyle myself, I am highly motivated sharing and attracting other towards it. Few years back I started to practice hatha- and bhakti yoga. My blog will also contain bhakti yoga philosophy. I became vegetarian, though I still eat fish and seafood once in a while. I cook and investigate vegetarian and vegan recipes. I love being out in the nature and I enjoy listening to spiritual music ex.: bhakti music, bhajans, mantras, ragas, kirtans. I also like good quality and intelligent electronic music ex.: dub, lounge, ambient, deep, space disco, deep house and ect. I love animals and children, these are the most innocent and vulnerable creations.

I was born in the previous USSR country Latvia, a city called Liepaja. I grow up in a Russian speaking family. I lived in Latvia until I was 13 years old, where after my mother married a Dane and we moved to Denmark. In the age of 16 I started my model career, where I traveled many courtiers around the world. I always had a great support from my lovingful mother. She always gave me freedom in everything I did and do.

Currently I live in Copenhagen. This blog was born when I realized that my lifestyle and my interests play a very important role in my life, which also reflects back on the person I am and became. So you can say I am sharing a piece of myself 🙂

Love, yours

Eugenia Tihonova


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