Krishna Consciousness is the last hope for humanity. Why is that so? We are living in the so called Dark age, where people pursue materialistic rather spiritual values. Thinking that the material stuff will give us happiness. Oh what an illusion! Krishna Consciousness came to purify this world. The movement started in the 60’s, the time of hippies. We all remember the life they were living, free sex, drugs, alcohol and ect. However the value of the Vedic knowledge that brought Srila Praphupad through Krishna Consciousness is priceless. So many hippies gave up their bad habits and chosen the path of bhakti yoga. We can wonder how is that ever possible? We can think – it is a miracle, but the truth is that when you give the true knowledge to people as it is given to us by the Vedic scripts, people start to practice and they give up the lower taste towards the higher taste. There is no need to suppress our nature and our senses, it is neither possible in a long run. The right way is to redirect our senses to the higher taste, Sri Krishna and the bad habits will go away by themselves. We will naturally be inspired by the “sattava guna” mode of goodness. We attain happiness, we attain true value of life, meaning of life, we attain true values. We understand our true spiritual nature.

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